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Monday, February 1, 2010

Americans I respect part 3: Arnold Murray

Pastor Murray has been teaching the Word of God much longer than I've been alive.

He is a decorated veteran of the Korean war. He served in the United States Marine Corp.
This is of great interest to me as my mother is Korean. She lived through the Korean War & knew first hand how EVIL communism inherently is. 

Im not sure how old he is exactly but I'm thinking he's at LEAST seventy years old by now.
Despite this however he has not lost that "FIRE" of a young combat marine. Every biblestudy lesson he gives hits home & doesn't beat around the bush. It is straight to the point.

Normal sane individuals who actually listen to what he has to say will be able to put two & two together & realise Gods Word is real. The reason for this is quite simple. He never takes a single ounce of glory from his works. He gives ALL glory back to our living God & much like others who came before him he has been blessed by God to teach the truth.

Arnold Murray has never held fundraisers, He has never had "Telethons" to stay in buisness.
He does not "Pass" an offering plate begging for money! He does not take ANY yearly salary to do Gods work. He truly teaches Gods word FREELY. He does get support from his followers but ALL of that money goes back into teaching Gods word.

Churches these days should be ashamed of themselves. There are churches I wont name specifically, with ATMs inside. Some of them require your W2!!! Offering to save your soul for ONLY $19.99

Pastor Murray does not NEED the money for he is blessed of God & that becomes obvious for those with eyes in their head & even for some that don't. The man has had an amazing life due to Gods blessing. He has owned his own farm & is an experienced aviator to boot.

Most human beings should be able to easily tell what so called pastors real motivations are.

What do they spend most of their time talking about? If the answer is MONEY then it should be very obvious. If every sermon for a month straight revolves around tithes do yourself a favor & run away quickly.

Arnold Murray doesn't feed you a guilt trip regarding tithes & gifts. He's not a rip-off artist.
His opinion on these con-artist is bold & strong. God will see to it that they get set straight.

Pastor Murray keeps the lessons to the word of God. He has never put on a "SHOW". This is not a day at the circus. There isn't any snake handling, poison drinking, faith healing, tongue talking. If you are looking for good entertainment for the weekend then look somewhere else. Churches have practicaly become freak shows these days.

Don't trash talk this great Nation of ours around him if you like having all your teeth!
This great American loves our country & rightfully so he nearly died for it.
Even at his age I wouldn't test him. This man has killed people.
Thats why I repect him. He is a warrior for the lord & one of the best around to boot.

Of most importance to me however he loves our God & loves this Nation blessed by Almighy God.
I am be no means a preacher & I make no claims to be.
For anyone who is sane enough to at least hear the word of God please click below. is another source of wonderful information. Please visit them as well

Pastor Murray I Salute you sir. Semper Fidelis

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